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Book Club Celebrates 15 yrs together.... Cabo Style

Last minute suprises are the best.Which is exactly how I feel about Cathy Lynn and her fellow Book Club members from Texas....... This spunky group of ladies booked me last minute in hopes my services could compliment their 15th Anniversary celebration at Casa Malibu in Pedregal. Understanding the significance of this weekend held for them. I couldn't help but feel a responsibility to make everything extra special for them. To my suprise, they ended up making the weekend special for me as well I dont know if it was their warm coversation, curiosity or true appreciation for my cooking. But, these ladies were just the inspiration I needed to make each service better than the last and remind me of why I love this job in the firstplace. I was having so much fun, a part of me didnt want to say goodbye. Luckily, we were able to end the stay with an impromptu cooking class of their favorite Coconut French Toast and I felt good knowing I had taught them something that would become a permanent reminder of their stay in Cabo and the time we shared. Its with groups like this that I am reminded how gratifying my job can be.Thanks Ladies....don't stay away too long.